Yesterday I`ve known very surprising, but also terrible for me thing: I discovered that I have been living without passport for a half year! :horror:

I am twenty years old. I thought that people in Russia change their passports when they are twenty five, but I was wrong! Yesterday one of my friends sent me some money that she owed me on my Yandex-purse. With the new laws Yandex must ask me for my passport details before I get money from my purse there. I filled in my details and saw the message that my passport is outdated! It was very surprising! To tell more, I didn`t know before yesterday, who would go to Krasnodar for an exhibition, in which the organisation where I work is taking part in the end of February. What a luck that we have found another employee who could do this! I can`t even buy a ticket for a train as my passport isn`t valid!
I imagine what should I do now with horror! There will be so much fuss with documents!:buh:

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2015-01-30 в 13:14 

Вэлли В.
The one at the sail, the master of my sea ©
Oh, I feel sorry for you :pity: I changed passport last year and it was really awful... One good thing: the next time this horror will come only after twenty-five years, and we have time to mentally prepare.

2015-01-30 в 13:42 

the unlonely god
Мяу вашему дому
Hey, I changed passport a month ago and it wasn't that bad. One filled request and two weeks of waiting
(But I also changed my name, and with this I have some problems :D )
So good luck to you :3

2015-01-30 в 13:52 

Фоернутый меломан
Плюшенька ©
What a horrible situation... However it's not very difficult to change documents, at least I had no problems with it.) So good luck and don't panic, everything is going to be alright!

Btw I've been in a similar position last summer. My birthday was in July, and according to the law I should have changed it in a month. So I thought that this month my old passport would be yet avaliable, but imagine my surprise when it wasn't! I was in another city and couldn't even buy a sim-card for my phone because my passport was outdated. Thanks God I've managed to buy a bus ticket to get home, but it was only because our cashiers don't look in passports at all))

2015-01-30 в 21:58 

Mind shall not falter nor mood waver
Oh wow. Good luck with those papers.

2015-01-30 в 23:29 

bet on both sides | do what you must
something about mistakes

2015-01-31 в 00:10 

It's better late than never.
For the topic:
By the way, the age numbers at which you should change your passport are on the last page of every Russian passport. ;-)
And I don't know why it is so, but it seems to be a common mistake about this "changing passport when you turn 25", you're not the first person I met who thought so.

2015-01-31 в 01:49 

Mind shall not falter nor mood waver
Before yesterday I didn't know whom my organization will send to an exhibition at Krasnodar in the end of February.

Until yesterday, ... whom my organization would send, maybe?

2015-01-31 в 10:00 

I don't believe in no-win scenarios
hey, guys)
new here and have a question)
are we discussing posts or mistakes?
both are ok, just asking

concerning the post: funny thing is I have a friend who got her passport invalid just by entering it's code somewhere online, so be careful in future

2015-02-06 в 19:05 

Thanks for all of you for your answers and countenance!

Ледяная тень, After fourty five indeed :)
As for the mistakes...

the unlonely god, Thank a lot!

Фоернутый меломан, What a horrible story! Great luck that cashier didn't look in passport!
Thank you, I wish I have no problems with it too!
As for the mistakes...

Himmelblau, Thanks!

Firesong, Thanks a lot for pointing on my mistakes! Yes, I agree with all of your corrections. I`m really grateful!

Aria1985, Yes, I know this now. Maybe it is because of the fact that sometimes people mix the ages of 20 and 45 and get 25 :)

Himmelblau, I suppose, both variants are possible, aren`t they? But I can agree, your variant is better :)

Spider N., Hello! Nice to see you here!
We are discussing both posts and mistakes :)
Oh, what an awful situation! Thank you, I`ll be carefull! :)

2015-02-07 в 21:43 

Вэлли В.
The one at the sail, the master of my sea ©
After fourty five indeed
I meant not age, but a number of years, which will pass until the next change of the passport)

"to prepare mentally" - another word order
Adverb should be in front of the verb? Ok)

2015-02-08 в 02:15 

Ледяная тень, No, you have put it in front of the verb, the right order is when it`s after:)

2015-03-29 в 20:36 

Думаю о завтрашнем дне. Какое оно, завтрашнее дно?
K.ice, I like the idea of english diary so much!)not sure if I'm gonna do the same in my own but written language practice is so important. I hope that local grammar police won't let you down)) everything will be ok with your grammar, the more you try the better it goes:vo:

2015-09-26 в 23:03 

Если я гореть не буду, если ты гореть не будешь, если мы гореть не будем - кто тогда рассеет тьму?
Well, well, well, and what about your English traning with the diary? ;-)

And how are you at all? How do you do?


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