I`m sorry, I have promised to write here every day, but I haven`t done it for two days. Even if sometimes I won`t keep my promice, don`t be afraid, this diary is not abandoned, sometimes I just don`t have time for the writing.

Yesterday I`ve started another English-practising activity. I found a man with the same aim on the forum. So we speak on skype every morning about ten to fifteen minutes a day. Of course, I mean, in English. Yesterday our talk was without any special themes, we just spoke about ourselves. This morning we told about qualities of a good communicators, using the vocabulary, which was a bit new for us. There was a lot of words, but we used them all in our speech, so I am very pleased with our today online-meeting. If someone else would like to start such an activity, I can give our developments for you (we make topics with questions and useful vocebulary by ourselves - on day me, and another - him), so you won`t have to make it by yourself. Here it is:

Communication skills and qualities of the communicators.

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