Yesterday I`ve known very surprising, but also terrible for me thing: I discovered that I have been living without passport for a half year! :horror:

I am twenty years old. I thought that people in Russia change their passports when they are twenty five, but I was wrong! Yesterday one of my friends sent me some money that she owed me on my Yandex-purse. With the new laws Yandex must ask me for my passport details before I get money from my purse there. I filled in my details and saw the message that my passport is outdated! It was very surprising! To tell more, I didn`t know before yesterday, who would go to Krasnodar for an exhibition, in which the organisation where I work is taking part in the end of February. What a luck that we have found another employee who could do this! I can`t even buy a ticket for a train as my passport isn`t valid!
I imagine what should I do now with horror! There will be so much fuss with documents!:buh:

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