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Today I`ll start my dairy. I want to practise my English with it. Sometimes I will write here about my thoughts, sometimes about my feelings, sometimes about some things which will be happenning in my life. So it is a personal diary, but it will be written in English. Moreover, in each diary record I will write something with usage of some words, which a new or rarely used for me.

I greet everybody who wants to read this diary.
If you see mistakes somewhere, you are wellcome to point on it. If you have your own English diary, I`ll be glad to read it and correct your mistakes, if you want and if I find it :)

I`ll start with a short description of myself and my relationships with the English language.
I don`t want to write my real name here, but let`s think that it starts with the letter "K". You can call me like my nickname here - Kice :)

I am studying on second year at the Pedagogical university at the faculty of foreign languages. I learn English and French. My English is quite good (but I want to impove it anyway), but my French is too weak even to write some note like this in French. It`s OK, because I started to learn French less than one month ago - so I belive,in future it will be much better :)
I am also studying in Economical university and have a course of business English there. In fact, I`m not a good student in this university, and I have to retake my student debts tomorrow. I am not good in business English. This is the area of language that I know the worst. But I also want to master it.
Last year I started to be a tutor for some students, who don`t know English better than on pre-intermediate level. At the moment I have four students. Three of them are school pupils with the biginner level and one is adult with the elementary level.
To talk about me, I suppouse, my level is upper-intermediate. Some tests say that it is advanced, but I highly doubt about it :) I will belive it when I have CAE. I want to take an exam for it next year. So this year I should try to rise my level to advanced, fill in the gaps in my knowledge, practise my skills in speaking and writing and expand my vocabulary, especially activ vocabulary. It is one of the most important reasons why I have started this diary :)

To talk about other spheres of my life, which are not connected with the English, I work in the marketing department of the building organisation. In my free time I dance, play role games, organise some entertainment events and visit some theatres. As you can see, I have a lot of activities in my life. I can`t say, it is very good. It takes a lot of time and effort. To be honest, I`d prefer to live in a small villidge without so much opportunities, but I live in Moscow and can`t resist it - at least for now.
I`m twenty years old. I live on my own since I was eighteen. I can`t say that I have many friends, but I have great amount of people with who I communicate for some projects, for our interests or for some other reasons.

That`s all for now. I`ll write soon something about my life, but at the moment I am going to bed - I haven`t slept this night. Write something about you at the comments, please.
Bye ;)

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I`m sorry, I have promised to write here every day, but I haven`t done it for two days. Even if sometimes I won`t keep my promice, don`t be afraid, this diary is not abandoned, sometimes I just don`t have time for the writing.

Yesterday I`ve started another English-practising activity. I found a man with the same aim on the forum. So we speak on skype every morning about ten to fifteen minutes a day. Of course, I mean, in English. Yesterday our talk was without any special themes, we just spoke about ourselves. This morning we told about qualities of a good communicators, using the vocabulary, which was a bit new for us. There was a lot of words, but we used them all in our speech, so I am very pleased with our today online-meeting. If someone else would like to start such an activity, I can give our developments for you (we make topics with questions and useful vocebulary by ourselves - on day me, and another - him), so you won`t have to make it by yourself. Here it is:

Communication skills and qualities of the communicators.

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My personal diary written in English